First Avenue School - Newark, NJ

Project Information

Project Location: Newark, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $44,502,689
Project Executive: Mark D. Hall
Project Manager: Anthony F. Guerriero
Superintendent: Roy Ralph
Owner/Contact Person: NJ Schools Construction Corp. / Neil Hodes
Construction Manager/Contact Person: PB+3DI / Peter Sweeney
Architect: Paulus Sokolowski & Sartor Engineering - Mr. Robert Blakeman, AIA, LEED AP
Architect's Address: 67A Mountain Blvd., Warren, NJ
Architect's Phone: 732-560-9700

Project Description

  • Construction of a New Two-Story 183,000 sq.ft. Pre-K to 8 Elementary School
  • Construct under-building parking garage
  • 46 classrooms above parking garage
  • Cafeteria and kitchen
  • Extensive kitchen equipment
  • Project situated on an entire city block
  • Two story high building with limited site access
  • Excavation and dewatering
  • Site amenities
  • Structural concrete foundation and retaining walls
  • Structural steel framed building
  • Preformed metal roofing
  • Thermoplastic membrane roofing
  • Aluminum composite wall panels
  • Precast stone
  • Stone masonry walls
  • Glazed block walls
  • Seamless flooring and wood flooring throughout
  • Extensive Architectural millwork and solid surface fabrications
  • Insulated transulcent panel systems throughout
  • Lockers
  • Food service equipment - Full Kitchen
  • Gymnasium and Stage equipment
  • Luxury auditorium seating
  • Wood laboratory casework
  • Plastic laminate casework throughout
  • Hydraulic elevator
  • Window shades
  • Sound conditioned rooms
  • Chalk/Tack/Marker boards
  • Telescoping gym seating
  • Plumbing, Fire Protection, HVAC & Electrical Systems
  • Geothermal heating and cooling system